Our Vision

Chester County is the healthiest county in the country


Our Mission

To advocate for policies and practices that promote health and wellness in all communities throughout Chester County

Chester County is very fortunate to have many partners committed through collaboration to take action, make an impact, and improve the health and quality of life throughout the county... our collaborations empower us to realize our vision and mission.
— Jeanne Casner, County Health Director

Chester County is a great place to live and by many measures we are a healthy county. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings, Chester County is ranked the healthiest county in Pennsylvania based on health outcomes and ranks second in the state for health factors; however, there are significant opportunities for improvement. Many individuals and organizations have worked for decades to promote health in Chester County. We recognized that by coordinating our efforts while working towards a common set of goals, we could make a greater impact on the health of our community. The Roadmap to Health partnership was formed in 2011 and continues to work together to make Chester County a healthy place to work, live, and play.

Roadmap to Health conducts regular assessments of the health of Chester County residents and uses that information to identify health priorities, develop a plan for action, and track progress. This plan, the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), outlines a common set of goals and opportunities where we, together through partnerships, can focus our collective efforts to make a positive impact on health issues in Chester County.

We aim to build stronger partnerships to support specific focus areas for each priority, implement innovative and effective strategies to address them, and coordinate efforts to improve community health. Together, we can build and strengthen a culture of wellness for everyone in Chester County.